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Welcome to the homepage of DK – WirkungsConsulting, a consultancy for innovative and effective leadership.
The focus of DK WirkungsConsulting lies in the development of leadership concepts that offer sustainable support for decision makers.
Our services are oriented towards the individual needs of the client.
With a broad consulting portfolio, DK WirkungsConsulting develops concrete solutions and, together with the client, creates a foundation for the market success of tomorrow.

Dirk Krause

Dr. Krause is registered physician and pharmacist. He studied in Mainz and Berlin and completed an MBA programme at the Haute École de Commerce (HEC) in Paris.
He is also a trained systemic coach, coach for Process Communication Model, and is a partner for Talent-Motivation-Analysis.
He has made valuable contributions to company success in various management positions in Germany, France and Austria. For 10 years he worked as a Managing Director.
Throughout this time, he developed and successfully applied innovative concepts for leadership.


Mastering organizational change

  • Increase revenues significantly through inspirational leadership: Reflection day for leaders
  • Create successful teams instead of top-down management: Workshop for management teams
  • Implement principles of effectivity – support with your projects: Towards an organisation with sustainable high performance
  • How to abolish the incentive system – remuneration based on respect generates success: Workshop on money and motivation.
  • Strategy or one step at a time?
    Workshop for creating sustainable success
  • Coaching and supervision of leaders
  • Sparring partner for key decision makers


You are the expert for your problems. We are the experts in the process of identifying options, hypotheses and solutions. The coach moderates, stimulates, inspires and accompanies you on your way to the fitting result. We support you with coaching for individuals and teams.

Individual coaching

Consulting without advice

• How do you proceed when you have important decisions to take?
• Do you have the opportunity to reflect openly and intensively and to review behaviour patterns?
• Where do your values and true talents lie?
• How do you improve your skills and your personal competencies?
• Are you happy with your life balance?
• Do you have goals, and are you achieving them?

Your personal coach will not feed you with tips and solutions, but he will accompany you on your own personal path to more effectiveness and quality of life. He will question you, listen to what you have to say, give open feedback and help you on your path to clarity and consistency.

We see individual coaching as an event-related, time-limited form of support that should be completed after 3 to 10 meetings over a 3 to 15 month period. The major objective is to unleash our client’s solution competence, to strengthen their self-competence, and to help them reflect on themselves.

Telephone or e-mail feedback between appointments is available and useful.

Team coaching

From a group to a top team

• You have a new team or leader?
• You observe conflicts within your team?
• Is there a new project on the horizon that demands team success?
• A new challenge?
• Do you want more willingness to change?
• More openness?
• More creativity?
• Do you want your employees to fully commit to new objectives?
• Establish new leadership behaviour in your management team?

Implementation in everyday working

The participants will have a few months to put their new experience into practice and to implement the goals they set for themselves in the initial workshop. Follow-up workshops (1 to 2.5 days) will examine how far the self-defined goals have been achieved and what obstacles came up. The team will be challenged by new exercises so they can review the own progress and develop themselves further.

As the project progresses, conflict-solving methods will be learnt and applied, roles are defined within the team, the culture of meetings is optimized, guidelines and exemplary behaviour are defined, successful stress management will be experienced, and so on. Tests such as Process Communication Model and exercises will help participants to get to know and appreciate one another better. All of which makes your team more effective and successful.